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Our services

Silu Business Partners is a HR consulting practice.
Silu Business Partners Service

Our Brand

We offer a bouquet of services, among a combination
of strategic partnerships and direct delivery.

We specialize in the sourcing of candidates within Pharmacetucial, Automotive & FMCG industries.

We provide response handling as a standalone service.

1. HR Advisory

  • General HR Compliance (UIF & COIDA services)
  • Employment Equity Planning & Training
  • BBBEE Planning
  • Employee Relations Management & Training
  • Skills Development (WSP&ATR)
  • HR Policies, job descriptions and templates

2. Recruitment & Response Handling

Human capital is the most unparralled competitive advantage, and we understand the need for quality placements, whilst meeting transformation targets as a responsible corporate citizen.

We are committed to providing a professional enabling service. We embrace digitalization; and with a mix of technology, reputable systems and personal touch, we guarantee quality service.

We offer recruitment process outsourcing services, specializing in connecting with candidates seeking employment across all sectors and in all regions of South Africa.

3. HR Outsourcing

We specialize in the sourcing of candidates within Pharmaceutical, Automotive & FMCG industries.

We provide response handling as a standalone service.

Transactional and strategic HR services on retainer, for SMME organizations. We manage the full employee life cycle experience, as an outsourced function.

We offer structured packages to cater for diverse needs of SMME organizations.

The packages are a hybrid of once off assistance, remote assistance and/or site visits.

By allowing us to establish, manage and/or maintain a specific HR function, business owners can focus on core functions & operational excellence.

4. Payroll

Payroll Management and Services for SMME’s.

5. Coaching & Facilitation Services - Coaching Methodology & Technique

We use the CLEAR Model as a basis of the coaching process.

We use the Integrative Enneagram techniques as framework. The Enneagram is a powerful, internationally-recognized coaching tool that enables radical insights and deep long-term development journeys. The Integrative Enneagram Questionnaire (iEQ9) combines accuracy, scalability and depth of insight.

We are also affiliated to Arbinger Institute South Africa, as an independent facilitator.

Arbinger Institute’s approach:

  • Establishes a shift in people to focus on improving results.
  • Initiates a paradigm shift in individuals from being self-centered to being focused on others and results.
  • Addresses the issues around resistance to change and the reasons for resisting change.
  • Minimizes opportunity costs, such as lack of engagement, lack accountability, low levels of trust, cooperation and transparency.
  • Fosters a change in mindset.

The Application Process



  • Chemistry
  • Contract


  • Activate
  • Ascend


  • Feedback
  • Reflect


  • Evaluate
  • Closure

Our Coaching Process

Includes compulsory Enneagram assessment at cost, as well as recordings & action plans

Short Impact


  • Near reach goals
  • 6 x 60 minutes every 2nd week

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Long Impact


  • Transformational goals
  • 12 x 60 minutes every 2nd week

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Personal Branding


  • 6 x 30 minutes every 2nd week
  • Ideal for Leaders and Business owners

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